Welcome to The Nip & Growler Craft Ale House
Local ales & ciders direct from small brewers,
the true meaning of a Free House
68 High Street,   KING’S LYNN,   Norfolk   PE30 1AY   Opposite M&S

Taking bookings for tables inside — 01553-760924

Opening Hours  

Monday & Tuesday — closed
Wednesday — 12pm-10pm
Thursday — 12pm-11pm
Friday — 12pm-11pm
Saturday — 12pm-11pm
Sunday — 12pm-6pm

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Welcome to the Nip and Growler Craft Ale House in the heart of King’s Lynn, run by two best mates who know their booze only too well.   Designed and built by our own fair hands and local tradesmen using local recycled materials, proving new isn’t necessarily better.   And our ales are local too, sourced from micro-breweries as close to us as possible.

We have 13 ales & ciders on tap which change daily and we aim to introduce customers to a different way of drinking, flavour rather than quantity.   You don’t have to drink a macho pint as we also serve in ⅓, ½, ⅔ pint measures.   To help you explore our craft ales and ciders they are listed on our blackboard behind the bar showing the brewery, region and the style of ale.   And if you want to find an ale or cider that matches your taste buds just ask for tasters before you buy.   We also stock a good selection of wines and some unusual spirits as well as soft and fruit drinks and delicious snacks.

If you fancy a bit of relaxation then we always have board games, playing cards, Jenga and books available, just to the right of the bar.   And to the left of the bar we have plenty of cushions for a comfortable sit.

Our ales are changing all the time but our attitude to life remains the same.

Drink, be merry, be kind and never laugh at a bad joke



Why Nip & Growler?

A Nip is a small measure of strong beer, usually 1/3 of a pint.   Barley wine was usually bottled in nips.
Or a small drink of spirits, a 1/4 of a gill where a gill is 5 fl oz
[C18: shortened from nipperkin equal to one-half of a quarter-gill, one-eighth of a gill, or one thirty-second of an English pint.   A nipperkin is also one-eighth of a pint of beer or any other liquor.]

A Growler is a larger measure of beer, a half US gallon jug or just over 3 pints in English.   It was a sealed jug that could be taken home, more common in America than here.


Nunc est bibendum


And in case you were wondering about the Latin quote on our logo, ‘Nunc est bibendum’, it translates as ‘Now is the time for drinking’.

It is from the first book of the collected Odes or Carmina, sometimes known as the ‘Cleopatra Ode‘, of the Roman lyric poet Horace.   It is one of his most famous, published in 23 BC as Poem 37.   The poem is a song of triumph over the defeat and death of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, and probably dates from the autumn of 30 BC when the news of Cleopatra’s suicide reached Rome.

If you are interested in this you can read a translation of the poem here .



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The Nip and Growler Craft Ale House
68 High Street,   KING’S LYNN,   Norfolk   PE30 1AY   Opposite M&S

E-Mail us at   email hidden; JavaScript is required